Green Mountain

It’s been a while since I’ve found a new trail that I really enjoyed — then again, I haven’t really done any new hikes since last fall! Now that the weather is getting warmer again, it’s been easier to get out and go on trails that have decent elevation gain.


View of the Indian Peaks, from the top of Green Mountain

Green Mountain is one of the three peaks of the Flatirons. I hiked Bear Peak last year, and have gone up part of South Boulder Peak — I’d like to finish that one someday. From what I’ve hiked of all three of them though, I think I like Green Mountain the best. Much of the hike is through Gregory Canyon and forested area, so there’s a little more shade than on the other two hikes. There’s a significant amount of elevation gain (2,288′) which makes for a great workout, but there’s not too much rock scrambling the way there is on Bear Peak. I rather dislike rock scrambling. 🙂


View of Bear Peak, from the top of Green Mountain

My RunKeeper data said that the whole hike was about 5 miles, though all the official trail guides say that it is a 5.4 miles hike so maybe my GPS was off a little bit. Regardless of the distance, this guy still got a good workout and was pooped at the end of it!






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