“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


At the top of Carter Lake

I rode my first century on Sunday!

I met my riding partner, Katie, back in July and we’ve done several long-ish rides together. We both wanted to do a century this year (my first, her fifth) so we signed up for the Buffalo Bicycle Classic.

The route itself wasn’t terribly exciting: it covered a lot of familiar territory, and I didn’t find it to be particularly scenic (I’d toyed with the idea of training for the Buff Epic route, which would have been much prettier). At the same time though, it was a bit of a boost to have a good sense of where I was and where I was heading to — it made the second half of the ride mentally easier.



  • Start early! We began at about 7:45am and finished over eight hours later. Next time I do a century, I’d like to start earlier so that it’s cooler for longer (and so I can finish a bit earlier in the day).
  • The ride felt toughest between 50-60 miles (while heading up to Carter) and then again around mile 90 onward. There were some rather strong headwinds that day, and it was especially hard on the slightly uphill return into Boulder.
  • Wear lip balm next time! My lips were so chapped by the end of the day from a combination of lots of lip licking + wind + dehydration.
  • I reapplied sunscreen twice during the day, which was about right — I didn’t get burned or much of a tan… just the way I like it! (My legs did look very ghostly pale from all the zinc oxide by the end of the ride, though.)
  • Foods I like while riding: watermelon, pub mix, goldfish crackers
  • Foods I don’t like while riding: pastries, bagels, bananas

slathered in sunscreen and loving it!


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